About our Company

F&D Property Management Company wants to provide you with the best condominium management service possible. Our goal is to create a management relationship that allows for the efficient and productive use of individual board member’s time and efforts. We believe that a good working relationship between the board members and our company is imperative for a successful relationship.

F&D Property Management Company is owned and operated by its two principals, Frank Gucker and Doug Dunham.  You will always communicate with them and not be passed off to a subordinate.  Together they have over 50 years of property management and financial experience and a proven track record which will bring successful methods and systems to your association. The scope of services offered include maintenance, budgeting, accounting, preparing reserve studies, scheduling and evaluating subcontractors, and any other duties necessary to efficiently manage your condominium association.

Our business plan is to provide quality service at a reasonable fee. Our management contract is for one year and can be terminated at any time with a 60 day notice. We want to gain and keep your business by making you a satisfied client. We believe effective condominium management is centered on strong communication and maintaining a positive relationship between the board and F&D Property Management Company.


Frank Gucker is a licensed real estate broker with 25 years experience in property management. Doug Dunham is a CPA with 15 years of experience as the CFO of a real estate syndication company and has 20 years experience in banking and finance.

Call or email us today to learn how we can provide you with successful property management services.